What’s this “Rental Purchase Plan?”

So your child is starting band this year, but you’re just not sure he’ll stick with it.  Or maybe she’s really excited about band, but you’ve seen just how much a good instrument costs.  Both of these concerns are why we have our Rental Purchase Plan.  It’s a different way to buy than you might see other places, but here’s why it’s the best of both worlds.

The ‘Rental’ part:

The rental purchase plan starts with a down payment of $75-$175 depending on the instrument, which gives you a 60-day trial period.  Your child can go through 2 months in band to see if they really like it, and you are only out that initial down payment.  Payments will start after 60 days, but throughout the contract you always have the option to return the instrument and we will treat it as a rental. You won’t owe any future payments- you only need to pay for the time you had the instrument.

The ‘Purchase’ part:

If your child loves band and wants to stick with it, good news! The instrument you bought through the rental purchase plan is yours to keep at the end of your contract.  Other stores or sites may offer super low rental payments, but often very little (if any!) of that monthly payment goes toward purchasing the horn.  You could end up paying for that instrument forever!  At Tatum Music, all of our rental purchase contracts are paid off in 18 payments or less.  There is also no penalty for early payoff, so you can save even more by paying ahead.

For a simple rundown of the plan, look here.

For answers to frequently asked questions, look here.

This piece was originally Published on: Jul 12, 2014