Rental Purchase FAQ

Is this the same plan that was offered at the “horn drive” at my school?

Yes, we offer the same plan (and the same cash discount for non-contract sales) in the store as we do at the horn drives.

How do I know when to pay?

Before your first payment is due, you will receive a coupon book with a due date indicated on each payment coupon. You will not receive a monthly bill.

How can I pay my bill?

You can mail in a check or money order, pay in store at either location, or set up an automatic payment via credit or debit card.

Can I pay over the phone or online?

Unfortunately, we are not set up to accept payments this way.  You can pay by mail, in store, or set up automatic payments.

How do I set up automatic payments?

You can set up automatic billing to a credit or debit card either when you sign your contract, or you can fill out an authorization form in the store.  You may also request that an authorization form be mailed or emailed to you.

Can I pay off my balance early?

Yes, and you will save on finance charges this way as well.  Call the Longview office to find out your payoff amount.

What if I don’t want to pay finance charges?

If you pay off your balance before your first payment is due, you will not pay finance charges.  However, you will not get a cash discount if you use the rental purchase plan.

What if my child quits band?  What if I no longer need the instrument?

You can return the instrument at any time during your contract, so long as you are current on your payments.  Your previous payments will be treated as rental payments and will not be refunded.  You will be responsible for any past-due balance on the account.
Please call the Longview office for more information if you wish to return an instrument.

What if my instrument is stolen or destroyed in a fire?

Please call the Longview office immediately if your instrument is stolen or destroyed.
Your monthly payments include a replacement fee that can let you get another instrument in these circumstances.