Why you should buy your beginning band instrument from Tatum Music

By now you know that your child will be playing in band next year, and you’ve probably received a letter from the band director telling you what instrument they will be playing, with some guidelines on acquiring a quality horn.  Here are 4 reasons why you should get that horn from Tatum Music.

We carry the best quality instruments on the market.

There’s 3 things to look for in a beginning band instrument: dependability, repairability, and great sound.  It’s frustrating to try and learn on an instrument that is constantly out of adjustment or prone to breaking. Our dependable instruments are made from high quality materials with the best industry practices, so your child can learn without their horn holding them back. Of course, no instrument is indestructible, so you need to have an instrument that can be easily repaired.  All of the brands we carry provide our shop with the parts and tools to repair your horn.  Our repair shop also guarantees their work, so if you do need a repair, you won’t be back in repeatedly.  And the instruments we sell definitely make great sounds- beautiful music is why we’re in business.

We sell only the most recommended brands

Most band directors will give new band members a list of recommended brands, since instrument brands aren’t as well-known as those of cars or electronics or clothes. They give these lists to ensure that your child can play and have fun without having to constantly worry about their instrument breaking, or having to compensate for some flaw in tuning or playability.  Tatum Music sells only band director recommended instruments. In fact, we keep a list of the recommendations from area schools, so we can get your child on the instrument their teacher feels is best for them.

We have the best ways to pay

Have you heard about our Rental Purchase Plan?  It’s a great option if you’re not sure your child will enjoy the band.  You have the option to return, so you won’t be ‘stuck’ with a huge bill or expensive unused instrument if they don’t continue. On the flip side, the instrument is yours after no more than 18 months, so you won’t be paying rental fees forever if they stick with it all the way through high school.  We also offer competitive cash discounts if you choose not to finance.

We have a commitment to great service

The biggest thing you lose by not buying from Tatum Music is the service.  The internet can show you what’s available, but can’t always answer your questions, or know what you need (not to mention the headaches that come with shipping).  Employees at a store that sell instruments as a sideline may not know much about the product.  At Tatum Music Company, service is our primary goal.  All of our staff are knowledgeable about our products and we maintain contact with area band directors, so we can help you find what you need.  In addition, we don’t work for commission, we work for you.  It’s all summed up in our motto: Quality Service Begins with the People You Trust.